Lirok Holding has been established in 2005 based on engineering acknowledgements and prior wide experience.
Lirok Cleanroom Technology, Lirok Cooling Technology, Lirok HVAC & Air Treatment and Lirok Pharma are subsidiaries of Lirok Holding with an objective in offering high efficient products in Cleanrooms, Cooling towers, HVAC & Air Treatment and Pharmaceutical technologies.
In two years Lirok holding developed his production department to meet customer expectations with superior results.
Lirok Cooling Technology provides the best of comprehensive Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) solutions in cooling technologies following international codes and standards.
We stand for responsibility, quality and precision in our innovative whole product portfolio includes Wet, Dry & Hybrid, Counterflow & Crossflow, Open & Closed Circuit, Forced & Induced Draft, Concrete, Steel & FRP Body cooling towers in limitless working condition for high and medium industries.

Regarding onsite analysis, Lirok Cooling Technology proposes cutting edge solutions for optimization, troubleshooting and revamping all types of cooling towers which are functionally doing cooling process of circulating water, for years.

Our energy management key techniques in order to ensuring maximizing water conservation, energy efficiency, safe operating and environment protection in cooling system reflect the talent and dedication of our accomplished engineering team serves the right solution for our customer requirements.