Cellular Type

Cell louvers are made of PP or PVC. The connection of the sheets of this type of Louvre is by thermal welding method and therefore it has high strength. Other properties of this type of Louvre include heat resistance up to 80 ° C without deformation, resistance to the sun’s ultraviolet rays without brittleness and pulverization, and corrosion resistance.
This type is used for both package and industrial cooling towers. They tend to have a simple design that lets optimum airflow in for their intended purpose. Louvers can be made in different sizes.
Due to the high number of connection points and additional full-surface edge welding, they have higher strength and can also be cleaned of coarse dirt using a high-pressure cleaner which correspondingly leads to an extended operating lifespan of the system.
The louver modules are resistant to rot, fungi, bacteria and inorganic / organic acids.
Fire retardant and negligible or zero maintenance are some other advantages of this type of air inlet louver.