Corrugated Sheet Type

Corrugated composite panels are produced by continuous layering in thicknesses of 1.5 to 10 mm. These panels are made of high quality polyester resin and fiber, which results in products with high mechanical strength. These panels are a good alternative to metal, cement or asbestos based products and due to their structure, they can be used in the body of cooling towers.
Due to the low thermal conductivity of these products and the option of using two panels simultaneously, the thermal performance of these panels is very high up to 120 ° C. On the other hand, due to the composite material of these products, they are very resistant to corrosion, chemical compounds, and seawater, despite the use of gelcoat on both sides of the panels. In addition to the gelcoat coating with resistance to ultraviolet rays of the sun and also low water permeability, the anti-biological properties of these panels should be mentioned as one of their important properties against microorganisms and algal growth.
High mechanical strength along with low and optimal weight, different dimensions based on different operating conditions (including overall length and width as well as step and range of panel profiles) are also among the features of this type of louvers.