Drift Eliminator

During the cooling process, a cooling tower will release water vapor into the air, which does not negatively affect the environment. But certain facilities that process or use toxic chemicals in their operations also run the risk of releasing some of the particles into the air via large water droplets. These water droplets carry toxic chemicals out of the facility and release them into the air, which can cause significant damage to the environment.

When a drift eliminator is installed on the cooling tower, it will capture these large water droplets and force them to change direction by interfering with their velocity. This causes the water droplets to turn back the way they came and re-enter the cooling tower, preventing them from leaking into the air and the atmosphere.

Drift eliminator is  one of the most important components of the cooling tower. This component is essential for hygienic safety and minimizing water lost. Above the water distribution and the cooling fills, a layer of drift eliminators is installed for this purpose.


Eliminate the cooling tower drift, droplets that are blown with the exhaust air during fan operation.

Reduce water consumption in cooling tower

Prevent the egress of sometimes pathogenic microorganisms existing in the circulation water.

The Dangers of Excess Drift

Depending on what kind of facility , all kinds of toxic chemicals may be released out of the cooling tower in the form of large water droplets. These droplets can then contaminate the air around the facility or fall back to the ground and contaminate the ground or nearby water supply. They can then spread to other parts of the local environment, damaging ecosystems, wildlife, and residents alike.

Drift can also negatively impact the facility in question. The excess moisture in the air can lead to corrosion problems throughout the facility, damaging the pipes, electrical components, and other equipment. This moisture can also cause the facility’s electrical systems to fail if they come into contact with one another. If the temperature outside is below freezing, this moisture can also lead to more ice on the roads, fields and buildings downwind from the facility.

In order to prevent situations like these from happening, cooling tower should work with a drift eliminator. We develop a custom cooling tower drift eliminator based on the specific needs.

Cellular type and blade type are the two kinds of cooling tower drift eliminator  which generally cellular type are used in package type of cooling tower. This type also is designed for use in evaporative towers, scrubbers and gas turbines. Blade type is also used in large industrial cooling towers and also are designed for use in air handling units, scrubbers, gas turbines and spray booths.