Profile Blade Type

Blade Type drift modules are fabricated from rigid, corrugated PVC  or PP sheets that are conducive to cooling water and UV protected. The drift modules are resistant to rot, fungi, bacteria and inorganic/organic acids.  They are designed for effective droplet capture and provide a cost-effective drift solution. Blade drift eliminators allow for longer span capabilities and rugged durability due to their heavy gauge blades. The heavy gauge blades are held together with end caps to form a module that is lightweight yet strong enough. The sheets are uniform thickness and free from holes, air bubbles, foreign matter, undispersed raw material or other manufacturing defects which may adversely affect their performance.

lower pressure loss and very effective due to optimized profile structure with special edge forming, thermal resistance up to 80 °C, fire retardant, easy cleaning with  spacer geometry permits joint less assembly are some other advantages of this type of drift eliminators.