Splash Bar

Splash Bar anti-fouling packings, which have been used more in the past, especially in cross-flow cooling towers, are other types of packings that are made of PP and based on the plastic extrusion method. The wood species of this type of packing have been used in the past. Their metal material is also used due to its higher strength, which has a higher price than its plastic material. The cross-sectional profile of these fillings is in three types:

V Bar
Kelly Bar
WF Lath Bar

Which can be selected based on their type of application. V Bar packings are more common in the cooling tower industry than the other two types. The connection of the packing surfaces to each other horizontally with a certain distance from each other and by means of wire connections that determine the vertical distance between them, is in the form of a pendant from above. The height required to achieve the required evaporation levels is higher than other packings, although this type of filling can be used in contaminated water.