Turbo Splash Film

Splash Turbo Film anti-fouling packages Splash Turbo Film designed and manufactured by the engineering team of Liroc Company and a proprietary product registered under the name of Lirok Company, which is used for the first time with unique features in cooling towers. Due to the special design of this packing, it can splash and powder water droplets as well as form a water film. The design of the spatial networks of this packing provides the property of splashing water droplets, and on the other hand, the possibility of adding spacer cylinders between the packing plates makes it possible to form a water film on these surfaces. The type of connection of the plates to each other as well as the connection between the spacers provides sufficient strength of the packing blocks. All the features of different types of packings are included in this type of packing and on the other hand their existing problems have been eliminated. This type of packing is resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays without brittleness and pulverization. Corrosion resistance and acid washability are other properties of this packing. The packing material is made of PP injected from high quality and first-class materials and is black in color, which is resistant to 80 degrees Celsius and has a high resistance to corrosion. In addition, they are easy to wash and have a very low pressure drop with a suitable air passage while distributing high water. Easy installation, the possibility of creating blocks with different dimensions, and very easy assembly and assembly, as well as the long life of these parts are among the features of this type of product.