Splash Tube

Splash Tube anti-fouling packages can be used in all cooling towers, but in Crossflow cooling towers, it has a very high efficiency and low pressure drop. These packings are made of extruded PP material of high quality and first-class materials and are black in color, which are connected to each other by a thermal method that provides sufficient strength. In addition to the dimensions of the packing block, the diameter of the cylinders forming the packing and also the size of the mesh (mesh) are two other parameters of the technical specifications of this type of filling. This type of packing with different mesh sizes is also used in the water and wastewater industry.
Thermal resistance up to 80 ° C without deformation, resistance to ultraviolet rays of the sun without brittleness and pulverization, resistance to corrosion and washability with acid are other properties of this packing.
Long life, softness and flexibility, low pressure drop, fire protection and return to the environment, as well as easy installation and maintenance, are other properties of these PP packings.
Due to the structure and type of space network design of this filling, it is possible to use it in high hardness waters.