Turbo Splash

Turbo Splash anti-fouling packages are made of panels that are installed as ready-made blocks in the cooling tower. Turbo splash packing panels are made of PP injected from high quality materials and are black in color, the sufficient strength of which is provided by the mechanical connection between them. Due to the material of this type of packing, heat resistance up to 80 ° C without deformation is one of its properties. Other properties of this type of packing are resistance to the sun’s ultraviolet rays without brittleness and pulverization, corrosion resistance and the ability to wash with acid.
The framing of this packing, in addition to maintaining the distances between the panels, has provided the possibility of its easy support on the surface. Long life, softness and flexibility, low pressure drop, fire protection and return to the environment are other properties of these PP packings.
In order to reduce the space required for transportation and also to facilitate installation and maintenance, the ability to compress and reduce the overall volume for packing is one of its unique properties.
This type of packing is available in two panel sizes and with specific general dimensions.